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UPDATE! - Life's A Witch, Then You Fly... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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UPDATE! [Aug. 11th, 2006|10:28 pm]
[mood |determineddetermined]

So it's been a little while since I updated and I thought now would be a good time. Does anyone read this? I'd love to know. Anyway I'll divide this into 3 parts to make it less excrutiating for those who care to read...

So after being a camp counselor was over (thank god), I went to Massachusetts (where I am currently) for a week to take care of my Nonni (my mom's mom for those who don't know). Nonni isn't doing too well... she's lost basically all short-term memory so she'll repeatedly ask me questions and its just really hard to see her deteriorate ykno? Plus she has to move of out her home which she's lived in for 60 years and go into assisted living and that has been really hard for her. She keeps say she wants to die and stuff...so we all need to be very supportive. But we had a nice time, despite the unfortunate circumstances. I'm glad I got to spend time with her.

While in Mass., I got a new comforter for my dorm. It's red,white & blue denim from Tommy Hilfiger with a cotton jersey navy blue matching sheet set which is soooo soft i could DIE! So that rocks. ALSO!! I set up a voice lesson with David Goulet for next Weds. which im SOOO excited for!! I've been warming up my voice since camp ended cuz I've been sort of out of commission these last 2 months. But I'm still in good condition since I nailed 3 F's in the shower today! Also... AIDA is my new favorite musical. It's changing my life one day at a time...

God what am I.. A magazine columnist or something?? Sorry this format just looks like a magazine. But anyway.. I've lost 4lbs this week which is good since I ate like a pig the last 2 weeks. But its a good start since I wanna lose 10lbs before I go back to school so I can look especially hot...I'm serious! So for the next 3 weeks it'll be nothing but exercise, broccoli and laxitives...ok i'm only 1/2 serious. But it'll be a pretty nazi regime to say the least. But damn it'll be worth it to have some brand new Express denim to wear to college!

Well thats all folks. Hope I didn't bore ya'll to much. Truth is i just needed to chronicle the past week since It was an eventful one. BTW...if none of you heard, Emily Skillings shattered her ankle in San Francisco so send her your love if you see her.

Signing off! ~Meg

[User Picture]From: tresouiuberjah
2006-08-12 04:35 pm (UTC)
Keep me updated on how your vocie lessons and theater stuff goes.
And that's sad about your Nonni. She's so sweet.
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[User Picture]From: wickedestwitch
2006-08-12 06:10 pm (UTC)
zooeee!! i was just thinking of u the other day cuz I've been watching Project Runway like religiously! How are you? well we should definetly go for coffee or something before we all go off to college and stuff (like u, me, chris and em). Well i miss u- hope you're well! pop me a facebook comment anytime ;)
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[User Picture]From: whiteroseyes
2006-08-12 08:43 pm (UTC)
My grandmother was in the same situation (she has mad alziemer's), and she's been a lot happier in assisted living because it gives her more things to do. The only hard thing is whenever we take her out to like, see one of our plays or something, she thinks she's on a vacation and gets confused when we bring her back to the assisted living. But all in all, at least for her, it was a good thing. So don't worry too much about it.

If I don't see you, have tons of fun when college starts!
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[User Picture]From: wickedestwitch
2006-08-13 12:31 am (UTC)
thanks, bonnie! yea I know it will be better for her in the long run. i'm sure i'll see u before i leave for school but good luck to you as well- senior year is tough but sooo much fun!!
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